We're inching closer folks. Closer and closer to marijuana becoming legal in the state of Texas. I've done blogs recently on:

It's pretty simple. For the Governor, marijuana is still illegal in the state of Texas. So he says prosecute. But the DAs are saying they don't have the time or equipment to properly test for marijuana since hemp was made legal in the state

Now, in a memo that was obtained by the Texas Tribune, Department of Public Safety officers are being told to cite and release suspects in misdemeanor marijuana cases on an "as appropriate" basis. The memo says:

Departmental personnel are expected to continue enforcing marijuana related offenses. However, effective immediately, personnel will cite and release for any misdemeanor amount of marijuana.

Despite all of this, you do have to remember, marijuana is still illegal in the state of Texas. But we seem to be in a race to see which state is the last to legalize marijuana, or if it is legalized on the federally first.

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