God bless Hutson & Harris, Attorneys & Counselors. They are the geniuses behind the songs 'Please Shut Up' and 'Don't Eat Your Weed.'

They have a new hit with their song 'Nobody Knows (If It's Pot or If It's Hemp).

Here is they're description of the song.

On June 10, 2019, the Texas Legislature changed the definition of marijuana to exclude cannabis that has a THC content of .3% or less (Hemp). But it appears they didn't take into account that Texas doesn't really have the resources to test all of the cannabis for all of the misdemeanor pot cases in Texas.

Some people are saying that Texas sort of accidentally decriminalized possession of small amounts of pot. We wouldn't go that far. It's still illegal. It's just not currently practical for all of the counties in Texas to send all of the small amounts of weed to the State Testing Facility.

As lawyers, we will never advise anybody to break the law. But we will gladly pass on some free legal advice. If you are in possession of cannabis in Texas, don't volunteer your opinion as to what it is. It might be hemp. You don't know!!!!

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