A frustrated treasure hunter sued Forrest Fenn last year after he was unable to find the elusive treasure. Now Fenn is firing back. In December 2019, a Colorado Springs man named David Hanson filed a lawsuit against millionaire art collector Forrest Fenn saying Fenn was "misleading" treasure seekers, according to KRQE. People have been searching for years for the treasure, to no avail. While some have merely searched, others have tragically lost their lives. To date, four people have lost their lives searching for the treasure and still, it has never been found. The lawsuit was filed for $1.5 million dollars that Hanson said will be going to charity.

But I hope you didn't expect Forrest Fenn to take that lawsuit lightly. Fenn has now countersued against the Colorado man, stating that Hanson's claims are unsubstantiated and inflammatory." An attorney for the Santa Fe millionaire told KRQE they believe the lawsuit is Hanson's way of trying to get the location of the treasure from Fenn.

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