The U.S. has issued a travel advisory after 7-Up in the Mexicali region of Mexico was found to be laced with methamphetamine.

Mexican officials are have opened an investigation after 7-Up sodas in Baja California were found to have contained methamphetamine. What's scarier is that these sodas made their way to store shelves and were purchased by consumers. According to the Attorney General of the State of Baja, California, at least 8 people got sick from consuming the tainted beverage and hospitalized, 5 have now been released and are doing better. The drug-laced drinks were found in the Mexicali region of the country, and all the products have been pulled from stores as a precaution. 7-Up manufacturers in Mexico were notified of the contaminated products and more than 77,000 7-Up products were seized at a Mexican manufacturing plant.

U.S. health officials in Arizona have also issued a warning for travelers to the Mexicali region, and be aware of the symptoms for methamphetamine poisoning including: a "funny" taste, burning sensations in the esophagus or abdomen, nausea or vomiting, irregular heartbeat and difficulty breathing. Health officials also warned people to make sure that any food or beverage they ingest hasn't been opened or tampered with. If something seems off with the product you have, they warn people to throw it out.

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