Earlier this morning we got a call from longtime listener "Psycho Karen," who we have known for years in El Paso.

This morning on the Buzz Adams Morning SHow, we were discussing how courts are throwing out lawsuits from the National Collegiate Student Loan Trust regarding student loans that have incorrect paperwork. This brought up a great discussion with people calling in to discuss whether or not borrowers should have to pay back these loans. One of those callers was "Pyscho" Karen. Karen has been a longtime listener and fan of rock and roll so we are familiar with her. In one part of our conversation with her, she mentioned her Youtube video that went viral of her at a Starbucks in Northeast El Paso. If you've never seen this video before, we decided to dig it out so you can enjoy it.

In the video from 2015, Sharon loses it on the employees and customers at the Starbucks, and busts out some intense karate moves while yelling at people. Hopefully Sharon will be calling in more often so we can hear from her and her opinion on different things. We think Buzz likes her.

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