April 4th is National Burrito Day in America and there are many, many deals and offers on burritos around this great land. I've narrowed it down to "places I know we actually have in Texas". Here are your best burrito deals.

  • Chipotle has free deliveries on orders of 10 dollars or more via DoorDash. Coincidentally, "door dash" is what you'll be doing to your bathroom 30 minutes after your food arriving.
  • Moe's Southwestern Grill has burritos for only 5 dollars, today only. I haven't had Moe's before but that must be either a really good or a really huge burrito if five bucks is the once-a-year special price!
  • El Pollo Loco has a buy-one get-one offer on burritos if you use a coupon. You can find that coupon here.
  • Qdoba...do we have a Qdoba in Texas? I think I've seen one in the Delta concourse of DFW, maybe? Anyway, Qdoba is offering "triple reward points" all day today, whatever that means.

Strangely, it doesn't look like Taco Bell is doing anything special for National Burrito Day. But, hey, you can get a Burrito Supreme there for like a buck and a half 365 days a year so maybe they don't feel the need to do anything special.

Happy Burrito Day, everybody! And, for tomorrow, Happy Intestinal Distress Day!

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