Looking for love? And maybe a lover with money? A new list has come out of the best places to meet a wealthy woman or man and three Texas Cities made the list. It seems like there are plenty of apps and websites out there that are trying to help out people looking for love. From Bumble, Tinder, Match.com, eHarmony and even FarmerOnly, it looks like there are plenty of options for people trying to find their perfect match. But for some, a meaningful connection isn't the main thing they want in a significant other. They want money. If this is something you're looking for as well, there's a new report out that may help you find the best city to be looking in.

Millionaire Match is a dating website and app that caters to singles who are specifically looking for lucrative love. To help their users and people like them with that, they have come out with a list of the best cities to date the rich. According to their list, there are three cities in the Lone Star State that made the list.

Not only is Austin keeping weird, but they're also keeping the rich romance alive coming in at number 9 on the list. Dallas is seen as a city with plenty of opulence, which makes the city coming in at number 7 on the list no surprise. And finally Houston came in at number 3 on the list! Dallas even came in as number 1 for the city with the most certified millionaires. Check out what other cities made the list:

Top Ten Cities With Millionaires Looking For Relationships

  1. New York
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Houston
  4. London
  5. Miami
  6. Atlanta
  7. Dallas
  8. St. Petersburg (FL)
  9. Austin
  10. Chicago

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