The inaugural Gnarlytown: Bikes, Boards + Bands festival took place in San Pedro, California over the weekend, with a mix of music and extreme sports delighting those who turned out for the event.

Los Angeles’ Waterfront Berth 46 was transformed into an extreme sports park, complete with ramps and plenty of action from Travis Pastrana and the daredevils of Nitro Circus and Chris Cole’s Rail Jam Invitational.

In addition, Rancid, Pennywise, Action Bronson, OFF!, Madball, Rotting Out, The Aquadolls and Mike Watt all entertained the crowd throughout the day, with high energy music matching the adrenaline-fueled exhibition the bikers and skaters were putting on for fans.

Andy Edwards, CEO of Nitro Circus (who produced KLOS Presents Gnarlytown in association with Synergy Global Entertainment and Chris Cole), said afterward, “All of us at Nitro Circus have been wanting to create an action sports and music festival for years. Now, in partnership with our friends SGE and Chris Cole’s team, we came together to make that a reality with the inaugural Gnarlytown festival. Seeing 12,000 super stoked fans treated to an amazing day of street skating, killer live music and the Nitro athletes throwing down huge tricks made this an unforgettable day for all who were lucky enough to get a ticket. We can’t wait to plan the next chapter for Gnarlytown.”

Chris Cole, partner of Soundwave Productions, LLC (who produced the Chris Cole’s Rail Jam Invitational at Gnarlytown) said, “Along with our partners at SGE and Nitro Circus, we’ve created an incredible family-friendly action sports & music festival with diversity in programming that kept things fresh and engaging throughout the day. Skating on a giant ESP guitar obstacle and watching pro skaters like David Gonzalez, Micky Papa, and Maurio McCoy win was awesome! Seeing the Nitro Circus athletes perform crazy tricks, and watching some of the best of punk rock bands perform on the main stage was an amazing experience and the energy from the crowd was epic. This was a rad inaugural event and we’re looking forward to the next Gnarlytown!”

Get a closer look at the festivities in the photo gallery and video below.

Gnarlytown 2019 Photo Gallery

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