A heat advisory is in effect for all of El Paso today. El Paso is expecting a high of 105 degrees today, it's a big enough deal that all the news stations are giving out tips for surviving these high temperatures. Some of the tips include: avoiding outdoor activities in the afternoon, bring pets inside and stay hydrated. One tip that maybe they should start to add for living in the borderland; don't make caldo!

Caldo, if you aren't aware, is soup. Steaming, hot soup. That's right, my mom is making a pot of steaming, hot soup in 105 degree weather. I got home from work, and as I approached the door, I could smell the delicious-ness immediately. I was excited to see what my mom was making for dinner, when I entered the kitchen to see what was cooking, the steam hit my face immediately and I knew it was my worst nightmare come to life! I'm sure many of you have felt this way too.

Don't get me wrong, I love caldo, and I love the way my mom makes it, but not when it's 105 degrees outside and I'm already sweating like an ice water pitcher! This isn't the first time she does this either!  The house gets engulfed with the steam from the pot of caldo, which, by the way, does anyone else's mom have this same exact pot when she makes caldo?


It's the same olla she uses for menudo, pozole and beans! But I digress. For the longest time, I thought my family was the only one who suffered from caldo in the summer, then I saw this video:

I was a little relieved to know that I'm not the only one who suffers from "my mom made caldo in the summer."

As much as we complain, science says that eating hot soup, temperature wise as well as spicy foods, will actually cool your body down. According to the Special Broadcasting Service, when you consume hot food or drinks, the heat increases the rate at which you sweat, which can help cool you off.  So I guess I'll be eating caldo tonight, and for lunch tomorrow because there will more than likely be leftovers.

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