After the most recent high profile arrest at the infamous Sierra Blanca border patrol checkpoint, many El Pasoans are trying to remember all the other celebrities who have had the misfortune of getting arrested in the Borderland. While there have been a few notable names popped at the checkpoint, there have also been some big names that were arrested at the El Paso airport. Here is a list of who was arrested where and what they were caught with.

Sierra Blanca Famous Arrests

  • Armie Hammer
    • Armie Hammer was arrested in November 2011 for possession of marijuana. Border Patrol agents say they found a pot brownie and pot cookies in his possession.
Gareth Cattermole
  • Willie Nelson
    • Willie Nelson's tour bus was stopped and agents found 6 ounces of marijuana on the bus.
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  • Greg Robinson
    • The former Cleveland Browns OT was arrested this week with over 150 pounds of marijuana in his possession, as well as various drug paraphernalia.
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  • Snoop Dogg
    • The Dogg was arrested January 2012 while en route to his son's youth football game in San Antonio. His vehicle was pulled over for having a powerful odor of marijuana and inside agents found a pill bottle filled with joints.
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  • Fiona Apple
    • She was arrested for hashish possession and she spent the night in the Hudspeth County Jail.
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  • Nelly
    • The rapper's tour bus was stopped at the checkpoint and agents found heroin, marijuana and a gun. Someone in his entourage took the fall and Nelly was later released.
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El Paso Airport Arrests

  • Johnny Cash
    • In October 1965, Johnny Cash was arrested at the El Paso airport on a misdemeanor narcotics charge.
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  • Wiz Khalifa
    • Khalifa was stopped at the El Paso airport for secondary screening after he failed to show ID at the airport. Airport staff found half a gram of marijuana inside of a grinder and he was arrested.
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