World Cup quarter finals have officially begun and the stage is set for the final eight teams who will compete for the Cup. Lisa And Joanna are responsible for the daily "2 Girls 1 World Cup" update, or Cupdate" as we like to call it. And while researching, they noticed that many places all around the world had animals make predictions of winners. There was a goat in Russia and a cat in China, who unfortunately passed away not too long ago. There was even an octopus named Rabiot who caused major controversy after he predicted Japan's fate corrector and then turned into food! So Lisa and Joanna thought, why not a pug?

You may already know about Lisa's pug Tubby. He's a frequent guest in the studio and he's the star of many of Lisa's pictures.If an octopus and goat could make predictions, then so could Tubby! Enter, Oracle Tubby (that's his official name). We put Tubby to the task of making the predictions. Be sure to watch the bloopers at the end!

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