If they made a Mt. Rushmore of soups, which soups would be on it? Also, what constitutes “a soup”? Is chili a soup? How about menudo? Is menudo a stew and, if so, does a stew count as a soup?

These questions were all debated before we came to our final list. For the record…Frito pie? NOT a soup. But gumbo definitely is so go figure.

Here’s our final list for the Mount Rushmore of Soups:

1.) Chicken noodle

Everybody, it seems, likes chicken noodle soup. My favorite is just regular Campbell’s heated up in the microwave and eaten with saltine crackers. I’m just fancy like that.

2.) Tortilla

This opened up whole can of worms. Joanna and Lisa said it would be good representation of Mexican soups and a bunch of our listeners checked in to say that tortilla soup is NOT a Mexican soup but rather Tex-Mex soup. But Tortilla soup is on the Mt. Rushmore leaving more “authentic” fare like albondigas and pozole on the outside looking in.

3.) Clam chowder

We need to be very clear here: BOSTON clam chowder NOT Manhattan clam chowder. I’m not a fan of creamy soups so my vote didn’t go to any chowder, bisque or cheese-based soup.

4.) Loaded Baked Potato Soup

This creamy soup got votes from both Lisa, Joanna and numerous listeners.

Honorable Mentions: egg drop, gazpacho, tomato, miso. And, of course, my FAVORITE soup? The primordial one which life crawled out of over a half billion years ago. That was some awesome soup!

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