Since the boys were so upset about last year's Marvel Madness Brack we decided to let them play this time, instead of having them Mansplain it later. Last year, Joanna and I decided to try and figure out who was the best in the entire Marvel universe. After many round and lots of arguing between us, Joanna and I decided that Captain America, also known as Chris Evans, was the best of all. Brandon and Buzz had some serious issues with our decisions and decided to then redo our bracket and put Kurt Russell as their number one. For this year's competition, we decided to just let Buzz play along so he could complain in real time with us.

You can check out our entire bracket in the picture above and clearly, you see how Scar is our choice as the worst Disney Villain out there. We even got Buzz to agree with us on our decision! Who would you have chosen as the worst of them all?