In 1990, the Black Crowes arrived on the scene with the near perfect bluesy gem Shake Your Money Maker. Now, with the record celebrating its 30th anniversary, the band has a reissue that reveals that there were even some great tracks left on the cutting room floor. One of those tracks, "Charming Mess," finally gets its due (or overdue) as the first release from their forthcoming 30th anniversary reissue.

According to a press release, "Charming Mess" was initially considered to be the album's lead single but was ultimately left off the album completely. It's easy to see why there was once favoritism for the track as it opens with a guitar line reminiscent of Rod Stewart's "Hot Legs" before easing into a good time rocker accentuated by Chris Robinson's bluesy vocal. It feels like a natural fit for the original record we've come to know.

You can hear "Charming Mess" in the player below and pick it up via the platform of your choosing here.

"Charming Mess" appears as part of the bonus content added for the reissue, heading up the "More Money Maker: Unreleased Songs and B-Sides" portion of the record. The portion includes such cuts as "30 Days in the Hole," "Don't Wake Me," "Jealous Guy," "Waitin' Guilty" and "Front Porch." Also included in the bonus content are remixes and acoustic versions of "Hard to Handle," "Jealous Again" and "She Talks to Angels" along with a demo of "Sermon" from when the group was known as Mr. Crowe's Garden and a homecoming concert from Atlanta in 1990.

The Black Crowes Present: Shake Your Money Maker will arrive on Feb. 26 in multiple formats for its 30th anniversary reissue. The options include a four-LP and a three-CD set. In addition to the bonus content, the original album has been remastered as well. Pre-orders are currently being taken here.

Shake Your Money Maker sold over five million records and helped pave the way for the Black Crowes career. The set included the singles "Jealous Again," "Twice As Hard," "She Talks to Angels," the soulful "Seeing Things" and a raucous cover of Otis Redding's "Hard to Handle."

The group, led by brothers Chris and Rich Robinson, were set to revisit the album in full on a 2020 tour before the pandemic wiped out their plans. Now that trek has been pushed to the summer of 2021. For ticketing info on dates, click here.

The Black Crowes, "Charming Mess"

The Black Crowes Present: Shake Your Money Maker 30th Anniversary Track Listing

LP 1: Shake Your Money Maker (2020 Remaster)

Side One:

1 Twice As Hard
2 Jealous Again
3 Sister Luck
4 Could I've Been So Blind
5 Seeing Things

Side Two:

1 Hard To Handle
2 Thick N' Thin
3 She Talks To Angels
4 Struttin' Blues
5 Stare It Cold
6 Mercy, Sweet Moan

LP 2: More Money Maker: Unreleased Songs and B-Sides

Side One:

1 Charming Mess
2 30 Days In The Hole
3 Don't Wake Me
4 Jealous Guy
5 Waitin' Guilty

Side Two:

1 Hard To Handle (With Horns Remix)
2 Jealous Again (Acoustic Version)
3 She Talks To Angels (Acoustic Version)
4 She Talks To Angels (Mr. Crowe's Garden Demo)
5 Front Porch
Sermon (Mr. Crowe's Garden Demo)
LP3 and 4 The Homecoming Concert: Atlanta, GA December 1990

Side One:

1 Introduction
2 Thick N' Thin
3 You're Wrong
4 Twice As Hard
5 Could I've Been So Blind
6 Seeing Things For The First Time

Side Two:

1 She Talks To Angels
2 Sister Luck
3 Hard To Handle
4 Shake 'Em On Down/Get Back

Side Three:

1 Struttin' Blues
2 Words You Throw Away

Side Four:

1 Stare It Cold
2 Jealous Again

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