Holy CRAP it's been difficult to not talk about Infinity War on the air this week. But we've succeeded. And we've succeeded in preventing Buzz from spoiling the movie because he apparently finds that funny.

All that considered, it was rather therapeutic to finally be able to talk about it on this week's After Buzz. We give our thoughts on the build up to the movie, the actual movie itself, and of course, where will the MCU go from here. You can take a look at the article from Gizmodo I'm referencing by CLICKING THIS LINK.

If you can, following the link about and watch this week's After Buzz on YouTube because they you can follow the live chat and see what people were saying. One thing I noticed, is that it seemed like people just kinda wanted to get stuff off their chest. But we'd like to thank everyone in the chat during the show for not spoiling anything up until now, and waiting to discuss the movie.

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