Jason Witten announced his retirement last week and it wasn't all that surprising that he's choosing to hang it up. As great as Witten has been throughout his career (he's fourth all time in the NFL in receptions, and not just for tight ends, that's for everyone), father time has just caught up with Witten.

The only thing that would bother me about his decision, is the fact he did it right before the NFL draft. What could have benefited the Cowboys is if he would have waited until after the draft. Rumors are the Eagles jumped up to the number 49 pick in the draft to grab tight end Dallas Goedert to spite the Cowboys, who were picking number 50.

Well, right now, Witten has two offers. One is to come back to the Cowboys. Something that head coach Jason Garrett is apparently pushing for pretty heavily. The other is from ESPN, and Witten would be stupid to not take this offer. ESPN is offering the tight end DOUBLE his NFL salary to come to the broadcast booth for Monday Night Football. That's $4 million a year to not get hit, beat up, and wake up sore every day.

As great as Witten has been on the field for the Cowboys, you have to hope he takes this job. It's too big to pass up.

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