On this week's edition of The After Buzz we cover the following topics:

  • Season 2 of 13 Reason Why and how bad it was. The whole thing was awful, but let's be honest, it wasn't a good second season.  It felt like the writers just sat in a room and asked themselves "How can we make this go bad" or "How can we piss off the audience in this episode?"
  • I talk about the crappy jobs I had before I got into radio. Everything from working in a plastics factory to a mattress store.
  • The World Cup is coming up and I have a bet with my fiance. Sort of. I haven't picked my team yet, but it's gotta be good because she took Germany.
  • And there's a whiskey shortage. WTF? Why do people have to suddenly enjoy the drink that I enjoy? Leave it alone hipsters, move on to something else.

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