Team Mexico threw themselves a party to get ready for this year's World Cup in Russia. How do you celebrate the World Cup? Apparently with prostitutes.

According to reports, members of the Mexican national team were joined by a out 30 prostitutes at a farewell party. The party was after the team's victory over Scotland at the Estadia Azteca this past Saturday (June 2nd).

Mexican officials have said that none of the team will face any punishment since the party was on their own time.

Guillermo Cantu, general secretary of the Mexican Football Federation, said: "A free day is a free day and those are the risks that one runs with freedom."

That has to be the greatest response to something like this I've ever seen. "Hey, so, they're adults. Um, it's their free time. They're gonna do what they wanna do."

Mexico's final warm up for the World Cup is on Saturday in Copenhagen against Denmark. Their first match in World Cup play comes on Father's Day (June 17th) against Germany. El Tri is going to need to play almost perfect to make it to the final 16, as they face Germany, Sweden, and South Korea in group play. Mexico has made the final 16 in the last 6 tournaments.

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