A Killeen woman's social media post recently went viral for calling a cotton plant decor at Hobby Lobby "insensitive."

Another day, another social media debate about someone taking offense to something. This time, a Killeen, Texas woman went to her local Hobby Lobby on September 14th and saw a decorative cotton plant in a glass vase. The woman, Daniell Rider, then took a picture of the item and posted it on the Hobby Lobby Facebook page with this caption:

"This decor is WRONG on SO many levels. There is nothing decorative about raw cotton... A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves. A little sensitivity goes a long way. PLEASE REMOVE THIS "decor."

The post has now been shared over 23,000 times and has over 254,000 comments on it. People are having both positive and negative reactions to Rider's post, but Rider says some people have gone too far. Rider spoke to KCEN-TV and said she wasn't trying start such a disagreement with her post,

"I wasn't trying to be divisive. If I was trying to be divisive I would've talked about the world, race relations. I am simply a consumer talking to a retailer. And, all I said was I found something offensive. It doesn't represent a decoration for me it represents a time of oppression for my people."

Check out KCEN-TV's full-length interview with Daniell Rider above and the news segment on her below. You can also see the original Facebook post and the comments at Facebook.

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