A group of high school freshman were at a restaurant when a man verbally attacked the group with racial slurs. See the shocking video here.

A shocking video has gone viral online after a group of high school freshman in El Paso say they were verbally attacked by a man at a local Applebee's. Facebook user Jose Prieto says he and a group of his friends were at an Applebee's on the westside of El Paso celebrating two birthdays less than a week ago. Prieto said he and some friends went to use the restroom and were speaking in Spanish when they were verbally attacked by a man in his 30's:

"We were speaking Spanish in the restroom and this man just started calling us "Shitty Mexicans u should go back to your own country." We were surprised and shocked, that happened and that wasn't the only thing. After we got out of the restroom he went to our table and aggressively threw a glass to the floor and said he would beat the shit out of us."

The group then left the restaurant and called their parents in the parking lot. Prieto said the man followed them into the parking lot continuing to berate the group. An Applebee's manager stepped in to protect the minors from the man and Prieto praised the staff of Applebees for being "amazing." The student called the altercation "unfortunate" and "shocking" but said he released the video on social media so other people could be aware of what is happening in our country, and even right here in El Paso:

"Unluckily this had to happen to me and my friends. This is a video I wanted to share because it's important to know what's happening in this country and the whole world really.....We are high school freshmen and we were all shocked this happened. The video might be disturbing to some people for its aggressive content and i's explicit language."

The teenager added that the police had been contacted about the incident. The video has now been viewed over 18,000 times on Facebook.

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