A Texas man and woman were arrested for stealing a hearst with a body inside it. That's when the woman decided to get rid of the body.

A Bryan-College Station woman was arrested after police say she and an accomplice allegedly stole a hearse outside of a store. Tanya Ray Albrecht from Bryan, Texas allegedly stole tan suburban from outside of a store that was being used as a hearse. The hearse driver left the vehicle running while he ran in to buy a newspaper around 5:30 a.m. and that's when Albrecht seized the opportunity to steal the vehicle. She drove off in the SUV and proceed to pick up Adam Craig Crow thirty minutes later.

Police began searching for the vehicle and a delivery driver spotted the body around 7 a.m. and called the police. The identity of the body hasn't been released. Six-and-a-half hours later police spotted the SUV and arrested both Albrecht and Crow, who was driving the vehicle at the time. Albrecht and Crow were charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and using a fake license plate. The pair used a marker to try to change the license's plates "3" into an "8."

Albrecht was also charged with abuse of a corpse for allegedly dumping the body in the ditch. According to the Eagle,

When authorities confronted Albrecht with a photo of the body left on the roadside, she became emotional and asked that they not show her the picture, according to police. She said the hearse driver set her up, but couldn't explain why and eventually -- using expletives -- said she didn't care about 'dead people and has no remorse, they are in a better place,' the court documents state.

This is the second time Albrecht has been arrested, while Crow has been arrested 14 times. Authorities believe that Albrecht may have initially not known that the vehicle was being used as a hearse when she drove off in it. Read more at the Daily Mail website.

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