Fergus Beeley was a producer on the David Attenborough Planet Earth documentary series which is very, very good as you can see in this awesome chase scene involving a baby iguana and and island full of snakes.

I don't know if Fergus Beeley is an insane man but he doesn't come off as being the most even-tempered person in this road rage video that's just been released. I mean, he seems off his rocker to me and I'm an AMERICAN! By British standards this kind of behavior is ... I believe the Britspeak term is "starkers."

Beeley tells the other people he wants them dead and repeatedly states that he's making a citizen's arrest. At one point he even tells the 11-year-old kid in the backseat that HE'S under arrest.

As frightening as I'm sure this ordeal was for the family being attacked, I couldn't shake the feeling that I've seen something like this before, probably from a Monty Python skit. Actually, probably more like some Basil would do in an episode of Fawlty Towers. God, I love British humor.

Here's this frightening/hilarious video:

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