School has now started for a lot of the country, but for one 4 year old, school is going to have to wait, because he's never had his hair cut.

The school policy states that boys' hair must be above the eyes and ears and neck.

Jessica Oates, the mother of the boy says she was made aware of the Barber Hills policy on registration day and that she would have to have a letter claiming religious or cultural purposes for an exception. Oates tried putting the hair in a bun, but that was to no avail. The boy was sent home and told not to come back until his hair meets the guidelines.

"I don't believe that short hair should be required to get an education," said Oates, "I feel like my son is owed the same education that all other children in this school district have."

The district released a statement saying:

"Our local elected Board has established policy based on community expectations, and Barbers Hill administration will continue to implement the said policy."

What do you think? Are the guidelines too harsh, preventing this boy from getting an education?

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