A Texas restaurant has gone viral for their gender describing bathroom signs that some say are "offensive."

We all know that some restaurants try to be cute and make up funny signs to show the difference between their male and female bathrooms. I've seen at an arcade bar a Princess Peach and Super Mario, a blah for male and blah blah blah blah...for female and the hombres and mujeres at various Mexican restaurants. Plus we all know at Outback Steakhouse how they describe women as "Sheilas" and men as, I don't know, "Dingos" or something. One restaurant in Allen, Texas is going viral after their way of differentiating between male and females is being called "offensive" and "distasteful."

changed the signage on the doors of their restrooms back in August, but they recently went viral after a Dallas Morning News reporter tweeted out a photo asking what was going on.

The bathroom signs show on the female restroom, the Vanity Fair cover with Caitlin Jenner, and on the men's room a pre-transition Bruce Jenner from the Olympics. Many people commented on the tweet, voicing their opinion on the restrooms, with some defending the restaurant, while others believed their were "transphobic" and "offensive." No comment yet from the restaurant on the controversy.


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