A Texas man is lucky to be alive after his truck he was sitting in was struck by lightning.

Anthony Rubalcava just had a Saturday shift at work he may never forget. The Texan says he rarely works Saturday but he got sent to do a concrete job in Nevada, Texas. He was sitting inside his truck when he heard a loud crack and a burst of light to the side of him. And he was able to catch it on camera. Rubalcava happened to be recording something else at the time and his camera shows the moment the white light lit up his car. He was sitting inside his Ford F-250 Lariat and the lightning bolt hit his antennae and scorched the side panel of his truck. Pieces of plastic are melted and other parts of the truck burned.

Thankfully, Rubalcava wasn't hurt in the incident. He was able to run to a coworkers vehicle and wait there until firefighters arrived. By that time, there was a small vehicle fire inside of his truck. Firefighters also said that Rubalcava was lucky he wasn't touching any metal when the lightning hit his truck. Amy Cortez of the Nevada Fire Department said if the current went through him it would have been a very tragic call they got instead of a vehicle fire. Shockingly, Rubalcava said this isn't the first time a vehicle he was in was struck by lightening. While in the Coast Guard, another vehicle he was riding in was struck by lightening. Get this guy to buy some lottery tickets!

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