A Texas man will be going to jail after he was convicted of smuggling immigrants inside furniture. 23-year-old Yabar Ayan Portes-Arevalo of Katy, Texas was sentenced to 21 months in jail for attempting to transport immigrants in the country.

Back in December, Portes-Arevalo was driving a truck that had a plastic-wrapped couch and dresser in the bed but seemed nervous to authorities. Border Patrol agents then decided to search the vehicle and found 3 illegal immigrants hiding inside the dresser in the back of the truck. On top of that, there were an additional 3 people hidden inside the couch. Let's remember that both the furniture pieces were wrapped in plastic wrap! No word on how they were able to breathe. He was convicted in February but the sentencing happened this month. Portes-Arevalo could also lose his status as a legal permanent U.S. resident after he serves his sentence.

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