Another reason why you should always listen to your artist about aftercare instructions.

When getting a tattoo, it's best to listen to the advice of your artist. They're going to give you the best advice and directions on how to make sure your tattoo heals correctly. Unfortunately for one Texas man, he didn't listen to the advice of his artist, and he paid the ultimate price.

A 31 year-old man from Dallas, Texas has died after swimming in the ocean with a fresh tattoo. According to an article in BMJ Case Reports, the man got a new tattoo on his leg before going swimming five days later in the Gulf of Mexico. While swimming, the bacteria vibrio vulnificus entered his body through the open skin. This particular bacteria has high levels in the Gulf of Mexico during the summer months. Three days after he went swimming, he was admitted to the Parkland Memorial Hospital for severe pain in his leg.

Treating physician told NBC Dallas how fast the man's condition deteriorated:

"Very quickly, over a couple of hours, it began to get more discolored, more bruised and had large blisters that began to form, which was certainly alarming to us as it was to him."

Hendren said it was also important to mention that the man suffered from chronic liver disease and was a heavy drinker, consuming 6 beers a day. This made him more susceptible to serious infection from the bacteria due to his weakened immune system.

Most people who are infected with vibrio vulnificus get it from consuming raw oysters but those cases are usually mild. The man was in the hospital for two months when his health began deteriorating according to Hendren.

"Unfortunately, his clinical status subsequently deteriorated, ultimately leading to his death due to a myriad of complications related to cirrhosis, renal failure and necrotic skin lesions approximately 2 months after admission."

Many tattoo artists recommend that when you get a new tattoo, you don't swim in lakes, oceans, pools, rivers etc. for at least two weeks.

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