To celebrate National Cookie Day, Nestlé Toll House asked people across the nation what cookie they believe represented their state. See which sweets won!

Today is National Cookie Day, and surprisingly it has been around since 1987. To celebrate this deliciously dessert filled day, Nestlé Toll House surveyed over 5,000 people nationwide to see what cookies they think represent their state best. There were 57 choices, everything from Russian tea cakes and Mexican wedding to the traditional favorite chocolate chip. From these answers, Nestlé came up with a list of cookies that "best describes" each state.

For Texas, the overwhelming favorite was the Cowboy cookie. A Cowboy cookie is like a traditional chocolate chip cookie but loaded up with delicious extras. Throw in some oats, pecans, coconut and cinnamon and you got yourself some traditional Texas Cowboy cookies.

In New Mexico, the official state cookie was the obvious choice. Biscochitos are used during special celebrations including weddings, baptisms, Christmas and other holidays. Biscochitos are cinnamon flavored shortbread cookies.

Most states chose chocolate chip cookies, with one out of every 3 Americans picking that cookie. Peanut butter with chocolate chips cookies won over 10 states and chocolate chip with nuts and Cowboy cookies tied getting 3 states each.

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