A Baylor University has been suspended for a "Cinco de Drinko" party where partygoers allegedly dressed as maids, construction workers and chanted "Build That Wall."

The Kappa Sigma fraternity chapter at Baylor University has been temporarily suspended after the frat hosted a Mexican-themed party on Saturday night. The "Cinco de Drinko" party allegedly had guests who dressed as maids, construction workers, allegedly chanting "Build That Wall" and even wore brown face. Baylor University as well as the fraternity's national organization both suspended the chapter, pending investigations into the racist allegations.

Pictures seen on Twitter show party goers dressed in serapes, sombreros, construction vests and more. One girl who attended the party said she heard people chanting "Build that wall." University officials said they couldn't find direct evidence that there was a student in brown face at the party, but some party guests said they did see someone in brown face.

Protests happened on campus earlier this week, and some students said that the frat had chanted "build that wall" in the past. It was another reason why students were upset the frat would have a party ridiculing Mexican heritage.

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