Looks like this frat house is going to the most popular on campus after buying all the White Claw they could find. The nation is dealing with a White Claw shortage, and people are losing their minds. The boozy seltzer water has become the most popular drink of the summer, with many falling under the spell of "the claw." The drink has become a favorite of not only the health-conscience but also people who just like to tag along with any cool new fad. The sales of the bubbly beverage have gone up over 280% since the same time last year and the brand is having trouble keeping up. White Claw has confirmed that there is a shortage of the drink and one Texas fraternity decided to take matters into their own hands to make sure they wouldn't run out at their frat house.

The unnamed frat house went down to their local HEB supermarket store and decided to gobble up every White Claw they could find. A worker at the grocery store tweeted out a photo of the massive purchase, showing a pallet full of White Claws saran wrapped up and ready to head home.

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