A College Station family paid tribute to Big Mama, their beloved pet chicken who died by putting an obituary in the local newspaper.

Big Mama has been with the Sword family since they adopted her back in September of 2013. The family adopted her after her original owners who were raising the chicken in their Houston apartment wanted to get the chicken euthanized. The veterinarian convinced the family to instead give the hen up for adoption. The family saw an email about the situation, fell in love and adopted the fowl. Since Big Mama initially started in an apartment, she had trouble adjusting but finally flourished as an outdoor hen.

Although the family had other chickens on their property, they said Big Mama had a special place in their home. So much so, she even made it to the family's Christmas card. Last week, the family said they noticed that Big Mama was starting to slow down and she finally passed away peacefully in her sleep Sunday. To pay tribute to their fowl family member, they decided to take out a paid obituary in the local Eagle newspaper. Check out the news video about Big Mama above.



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