A North Texas pediatrician has been temporarily suspended from his practice after months of what fellow workers called "erratic" behavior, from slapping a coworker's butt, yelling Satan at the office, showing up in pajamas and more. Dr. Kurt Pflieger has been practicing as a pediatrician in Texas for over 20 years but the Texas Medical Board has suspended the doctor temporarily after reports of his erratic behavior were reported by fellow workers and patients. In the temporary suspension order obtained by CBS Dallas, the strange behavior began in January when he was playing with a two year-old patient and attempted to flip him over his shoulder and accidentally dropped the child on his head. From there, Pflieger showed more strange behavior by bringing a dog into the office with him and was seen rolling around with the animal on the floor, even with patients walking through. He also started praying aloud in the office, was seen and heard yelling the word "Satan" while seeing patients, wore the same sweat pants and shirt to work for three days and started missing or was late to appointments with patients. According to CBS Dallas,

In a matter of weeks, he told a co-worker on one occasion he was late because he was having sex with his fiancee, slapped another co-worker on the rear, kissed another on the face, then called a staff meeting to announce he was now single. At one point, the report states, he handed out prescription pads to the office staff to write them if they needed to, which is illegal.

Dr Kurt Pflieger is now on a temporary suspension order by the Texas Medical Board. Watch more about this story in the CBS Dallas news broadcast above.

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