Love some great local, regional and state craft brews? Well, you may want to see what Texas brews got honors at this year's World Beer Cup. Whether you're a fan of large or small breweries, the World Beer Cup is a competition you should be paying attention to. There is over 200 judges giving bronze, silver and gold medals in over 90 different beer style categories. Almost 3,000 beers were entered into this year's competition with about 80 beers entered into each category. Breweries from 15 different countries won awards this year, and the Lone Star state took home even more this year. Texas received 11 awards this year, which is the most ever Texas has received since the competition's inception 22 years ago.

Here are the 11 Texas beers that won at this year's World Beer Cup:

Be sure to head out to local bar to see where you can get these delicious Lone Star brews and enjoy some award winning beers near you!

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