When Taylor Momsen gave up acting for a life of rock and roll with The Pretty Reckless, the singer indicated no interest in ever returning to Hollywood. But, these days, the musician has seemingly softened her stance on the subject. In a recent interview, Momsen even suggested she could act again.

It was 2012 when Momsen exited Gossip Girl, her portrayal in the series' finale revisiting the character (Jenny Humphrey) she inhabited on the teen drama from 2007 to 2010. The year she initially left the show is also the same year The Pretty Reckless emerged with their debut album, Light Me Up.

Since that time, Momsen's music career has taken precedence. (After all, The Pretty Reckless will soon release their fourth album.) But when talking to Rock 102.1 KFMA last week (June 1), the rocker had a surprising answer when asked if she could ever see herself returning to the screen.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post. The exchange in question occurs at about 3:20 in the clip.

"Rock and roll is forever a mainstay," Momsen said. "I will never not play rock and roll music. I'm gonna be playing rock and roll music till I'm dead. For a long time, I said I'd never act again, but I've gotten older now, and who knows? It's not something I'm actively pursuing in any way but never say never, I guess."

Perhaps The Pretty Reckless bandleader will make a return to filmed entertainment in the future. While it's not being ruled out entirely, music continues to be the performer's primary concern.

Momsen continued, "It's just so different. It's so my vision, music. From the music to the visuals to the live shows to everything. I'm in charge of all of it. Really getting to see that through, it really feeds my creative soul. Whereas acting, it was much more of a job for me — kind of show up, do the job, go home."

Last month, The Pretty Reckless released "Death by Rock and Roll," the band's first new single since those from 2016's Who You Selling For. The upcoming effort from the group, also called Death by Rock and Roll, is expected later this year, although a release date has yet to be revealed.

The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen Talks to Rock 102.1 KFMA - June 1, 2020

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