An artist has created a creepy yet cool bedding set with Taylor Momsen's face all over it. This could take your obsession with The Pretty Reckless to a whole new level.

Taylor Momsen recently reposted some of the amazing artwork on her Instagram account, featuring the bedding set completely covered with eerie images of her. The bedspread is a huge sinister-looking portrait of her with her signature black eye makeup and eyes that look as if they're whited out and rolled back. There are also three pillows in the bedding set, all complete with more Momsen imagery.

One of the pillows features the singer with a large cross neckless, standing in front of a brick wall. Another shows her holding her black guitar. In an interview with Total Guitar Magazine, Momsen revealed her guitar's name is the Punisher and is a specific Fender Telecaster custom with two DiMarzio Super Distortion humbuckers. The last pillow shows Taylor Momsen bent over with part of her garter belt straps showing a heart on her back.

The artist, who's name is Lucas David, specializes in portraits of musicians and celebrities and he has created portraits of Tatu, Lindsay Lohan, Emma Roberts, Megan Fox and more.

This Taylor Momsen-covered bedding set isn't the first time he's worked with The Pretty Reckless. David also illustrated the "Death By Rock And Roll" lyric video in 2020, which you can see below, and he has created portraits of Taylor Momsen prior to that.

We didn't find the bedding set for sale on Lucas David's website, but who knows, maybe you'll be able to cuddle up and sleep with Momsen soon.

Here's a look at the creepy but cool bedding set featuring Momsen below. (The next picture in Lucas David's Instagram post features a portrait of former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan's daughter, Mae McKagan.)

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