Shinedown has popped their Instagram account with a mysterious new video that gives us a peek into some of the imagery for their upcoming album, Shinedown 7.

Frontman Brent Smith says that their new material will be "controversial" and "provocative," inspired by the pandemic and all that goes with it, but how this jibes with the video the band shared is unknown.

Seen below, the purple-hued trailer is a running jumble of Fifth Element-style symbols that correspond to letters underneath, like an alphabet code.  The full alphabet key is revealed at the end.  The accompanying music is something out of a 80's sci-fi movie score.  (Perhaps this is the intro to the album?) It's something cooler than you get at the bottom of a cereal box. And apparently so important that they've completely scrubbed all other posts from their account.

The only clue that Shinedown has given us is a cryptic "#nowiknowmyabcs... Do you?"

Shinedown Instagram
Shinedown Instagram

Smith tells us that we're supposed to get a song from 7 sometime this month, with the rest of the album hopefully coming in February.

Shinedown has an aggressive touring schedule for 2022.  They are hitting the road in January with Ayron Jones and Pop Evil, then later in the spring with "The Revolution's Live" Tour featuring The Pretty Reckless and Diamante.

Check out the code below, and maybe we'll get a chance to decipher some clues when the album drops.

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