Looking for a creepy, cool day trip for the family? Head west down I-10 to the old Shakespeare Ghost Town and walk the streets that old miners used to roam! New Mexico is a state rich with history and adventure, which may be why it is called the Land of Enchantment. One of those places could be the old Shakespeare Ghost Town. The town has had many names, including Mexican Springs after a spring in a arroyo west of the town. Many have inhabited the area at some time or stopped by on their way to another place, and it was known to have some rough inhabitants too. There are stories that if you killed someone in Mexican Springs, there was an "agreed upon rule you had to dig the grave."

If you want to learn more about the rough and rugged history of the Shakespeare Ghost Town, they have tours twice a day (10 am and 2 pm), two days a month:

  • March 10 and 11
  • April 7 and 8
  • May 12 and 13
  • June 9 and 10
  • July 14 and 15
  • August11 and 12
  • September 8 and 9
  • October 13 and 14
  • November 10  and 11
  • December 8 and 9

Find out more history of the Shakespeare Ghost Town on their website and you can also see more awesome New Mexico Ghost Towns on the Only In Your State website.

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