Imagine agreeing to be a surrogate mother, kinda like Phoebe was for her brother in Friends. Now imagine you're going to have more than one baby, also, kinda like Phoebe did for her brother in Friends.

Well, now imagine that one of the babies is actually your's. That happened to Jessica Allen of Riverside, CA. She was matched with a couple in April of 2016 to be their surrogate. She says that one of the embryos was successfully implanted into her uterus, but then 6 weeks later got the news of a surprise from the doctor. It was going to be two babies.

After giving birth, Allen noticed a difference between the babies and asked for a DNA test. That test revealed that the second baby was actually her's. It's a very rare occurrence called superfetation, when a woman continues to ovulate AFTER she has become pregnant.

Unfortunately it was still a rather complicated process to get the baby. But ultimately, Allen and her husband were given custody of what is biologically their child.

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