Everyone has weird habits. But how many people share the same weird habits you have? A recent survey of Americans and Europeans asked what weird habits people have. You can follow the link to the graph with all the stats, but here's all the info about Americans:

  • 82% of people will wait until they've found something on TV to watch before they start eating. I know I do.
  • 61.8% of people will walk, or pace when having a lengthy conversation. I don't even need a lengthy conversation. I will walk around even if the phone call takes just a few minutes.
  • 49.6% of people will go to bed without washing their face. This seems about right because I know my girlfriend does because she needs to take her make up off. I've heard it's not good to sleep with that stuff on. I will rinse my face quickly with water, but I'm not sure that counts as washing.
  • 41.7% of people play with their pubic hair in a non sexual way. Wait... what?
  • 39.7% of people admit to making odd noises or shouting when no one else is around. Guilty. I do it all the damn time. But it's usually talking in another voice or quoting a movie, reacting to something going on.
  • 37.6% of people will smell their underwear to see if they can wear it again. Um, no. Gross. Once I wear underwear and they get taken off, that's it, they go in the hamper.
  • 36.5% of people will check behind the shower curtain when going to the bathroom. To, you know, make sure no one else is there. I don't know if I do this every time, but I have been known to do it. Along with flushing the toilet before I sit down just in case there's anything hiding in the bowl.
  • 31.3% of people admit to eating a booger. Interestingly enough, it's apparently healthy to eat your boogers. It just looks really, really gross.
  • 12.2% of people will flip their underwear inside out to wear them again. I think we know where I stand on this. It's a big negatory.
  • 5.4% of people will intentionally not shower for days just to see how funky they can get. That's how many Americans do it. More than double the amount of Europeans do it at 14.8%

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