News bloopers. You love 'em, I love 'em. News bloopers are the best kind of blooper. With a movie or TV show outtake reel, nobody's embarrassed if they muff a line or say something unintentionally sexual. News reporters, on the other hand, are really concerned about their perception as "experts" and "voices of authority." Also, unlike movies or TV show bloopers, the news blooper is often on live television, so it's out there before anything can be done to stop it and, if the blooper is especially hilarious, uploaded onto YouTube before the poor news reader's blush has faded.

Here are some of the best news bloopers from the month that just passed. Highlights include "Headless Weatherman," "Consumers can expect their balls to fall" and "The news lady who doesn't get why her male co-anchors are uncomfortable about her enthusiasm for a 69!"

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