All of a sudden, over the course of about 5 days, there's a ton of TV that I need to watch.

First, let's start with Ozark season 2, which is available today (August 31st) on Netflix. The first season was great and Jason Bateman does a fantastic job in this show. Here is a trailer for season 2.

And just in case you haven't seen season 1 and would like to pick up with season 2, here is a season 1 recap.

Next up, we have Jack Ryan, which is available today (August 31) on Amazon Prime. If you aren't familiar with Jack Ryan, he's been around for awhile now. Originally from a series of books by Tom Clancy, there have been 5 movies with Jack Ryan as the lead, and there have been four actors playing Jack Ryan.

  • 1990 - The Hunt for the Red October - Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan
  • 1992 - Patriot Games - Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan
  • 1994 - Clear and Present Danger - Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan
  • 2002 - The Sum of All Fears - Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan
  • 2014 - Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - Chris Pine as Jack Ryan

No we have Jim Halpert, I mean John Krasinski, as Jack Ryan. Here's the trailer.

And finally, let's head to "regular" TV and FX with the premiere of Mayans MC. Oh man, I've been looking forward to this one for awhile. I was a huge Sons of Anarchy fan and am looking forward to seeing what Kurt Sutter has in store for us this time. Here is the trailer.

Oh, and who is that at about 1:14 into the trailer? Why it's our good friend Rocco! Mayans MC debuts next Tuesday (September 4) on FX.

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