A young New Mexico girl says she was humiliated when was told she couldn't wear a hat covering her hair loss for picture day. She's currently fighting cancer. Your teenage years can be rough for any young girl, but one girl in New Mexico is also fighting cancer at the same time. 13-year-old Bella Thurston is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for tumors located on her brain and spine, which has caused her hair to fall out. For picture day Bella wore her hat to get her picture taken, but was shocked when the photographer told her she had to remove her hat for the picture. The photographer, who is employed by Lifetouch Photography, told her that wearing a hat in school pictures is "against policy." Bella told news channel KOAT,

"I was like, 'OK, so I can't wear my hat?' And he was like, 'No, you can go fix your hair, take your hat off or I won't take your picture.'"

Bella decided against getting her picture taken, but says the incident was "humiliating and upsetting" for her. When her mother, Kara Thurston, heard what happened to her daughter, she was furious. Kara said the entire situation left her heartbroken for her daughter and helpless. Since Bella's story came out, Lifetouch Photography issues a statement regarding picture day at the school:

"We have been in touch with the school and have reached out to the family to offer their daughter a complimentary photography session in a place of their choosing. In light of this, we will be revisiting our training protocol with our photographers."

Bella says she doesn't want special treatment, just the ability to feel comfortable and have her picture taken just like everyone else's. The school also said they are reviewing their protocol with the photography company and how they interact with students at the school.

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