An Indiana dentist is going viral for her amazing Guardians of the Galaxy ad she made, complete with her own version of Groot! It's safe to say that Indiana dentist Jill Snyder of ArteDental is a big movie fan. People in her Frankfurt, Indiana home are familiar with her many humorous ads spoofing some big blockbusters like Star Wars, Men In Black and more. But the internet has finally caught wind of Dr Snyder for her newest ad, Guardians of the Gums. There's even her own Groot, but it's a tooth saying "I am tooth!" Slow clap for that pun there doc. Someone put her billboard up on Twitter, wondering if it was too good to be true.

Thankfully for all of us, it isn't, and a quick visit to her website shows she's seriously invested in these movie recreations. You can check out her commercial for the Guardians of the Gums there, and see past billboards she's done here.

No word yet if this happens before or after the epic Cavity Wars, but we're all hoping little Tooth survived and didn't decay. Synder was interviewed by ScyFy Wire where she explained the movie-themed billboards started in 2011 with their Men In Black parody, Women In Black.Since then her dental office has tried to come out with a new spoof every month or so. If I lived in Indiana, best believe this woman would be my dentist.

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