It's time for another Southwest Brawl, which means it's time to support local mixed martial arts. Here are your details:

You can purchase tickets RIGHT HERE AT HOLDMYTICKET.COM. When you're checking out, be sure to use the codes RMRS for ring side, or RMGA for general admission.

Using the codes help support local fighter 'Wreck-It' Randy McCarty. And you can call me bias all you want, but yeah, I'm supporting Randy. But he's also helped trained me i the gym, plus he's hilarious and we need more people like him in the sport.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you've never been to a live mixed martial arts event, you need to see one. And Las Cruces is about the closest we get a lot of these fights because the rules to put on a fight in Texas are rather difficult to navigate.

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