This week Brandon is joined by 'Wreck-It Randy' and Isaac Nanez to discuss a variety of topics including childhood movies and HGH use.

This week 'Wreck-It Randy' and Isaac Nanez join me again. Not talking as much about MMA though. Here are some topics we covered.

  • Lionel Messi and his HGH use as a kid. Is there any difference between that and using HGH as an adult if there is no major medical condition requiring it?
  • Childhood movies that were either always on, or movies that take you right back to your childhood.
  • Just how creepy or weird some of those childhood movies were.
  • Stealing things as a late teen/young adult. This is a topic we mentioned on the air earlier this week, and apparently a lot of people went through a brief klepto period.

Randy does have a fight coming up, here are your details:

  • What - Southwest Brawl 8
  • When - Saturday, June 30th, 2018
  • Where - Las Cruces Convention Center

How to get tickets:

  • When you go to purchase your tickets, make sure you click the "Have a coupon code?" button and enter the following:
    • For general admission - RMGA
    • For ringside - RMRS

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