A Slipknot-loving parent has used the band's "Psychosocial" to quiet their crying baby.

At least one would assume the father in question is a Slipknot fan. After all, he posted a video of himself using the All Hope Is Gone cut to soothe the tiny infant who was causing quite the commotion. Naturally, he then posted a video of the tactic to Reddit to share his baby's inborn metal fandom with the world.

Watch the clip down toward the bottom of the page. Or, if that doesn't work, go here to view it.

Reddit user Minh1905 shared the video on the social news aggregation and discussion website on Monday (Nov. 2). The Slipknot-wielding dad posted it to the subreddit r/funny. However, it does appear that r/funny's moderators removed the post from the subreddit for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

But the clip is still available on the site. In it, the tiny baby wails while being held by the adult. The parent then plays "Psychosocial," and as the opening bars sound, the infant calms down and becomes entrancingly wide-eyed as the adult gently rocks it. Talk about a stellar way to quiet a crying baby!

Would you ever use a Slipknot song to quiet a crying baby?

Because "Psychosocial" clearly goes over with the kids. Just a few months ago, a group of talented tykes delivered a brutal cover of the track. Yet the song touches age groups on the other end of the spectrum, as well. In July, a video emerged of a "badass" drumming grandma rockin' the tune.

This is a screenshot of Reddit user Minh1905's video on the platform.
Reddit: u/Minh1905

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