Alter Bridge have used their downtime from the pandemic wisely, penning a new track to frontline their upcoming EP, Walk the Sky 2.0. The set, due this Friday, mostly consists of live material, but the band did come up with the new song "Last Rites" to lead the set and they've issued the lyric video for the track which can be viewed below.

It's a chugging rocker that picks up as it goes, bolstered by Myles Kennedy's power vocals. The video appears to use a mystical quality mirroring that of a fortune teller predicting the song's lyrics. The track comes from an idea that evolved after the band's entire 2020 touring was canceled as a result of Covid-19.

As for the Walk the Sky 2.0 EP, which arrives this Friday (Nov. 6), it has "Last Rites" along with a number of live recordings. Included are the recent single "Native Son" along with "Wouldn't You Rather," "Pay No Mind," "Godspeed," "In the Deep" and "Dying Light."

The Walk the Sky 2.0 EP is currently available to pre-order here in a variety of configurations and options.

Alter Bridge, "Last Rites"

Alter Bridge, Walk the Sky 2.0 Artwork + Track Listing

Napalm Records
Napalm Records

1. Last Rites
2. Wouldn’t You Rather (Live)
3. Pay No Mind (Live)
4. Native Son (Live)
5. Godspeed (Live)
6. In The Deep (Live)
7. Dying Light (Live)

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