Carcass are among the most influential bands in extreme metal, from the sloppy goregrind savagery of their earliest releases, to the methodical, heart-palpitating finesse of Necroticism to Heartwork's genre-expanding melodic fury. Over the years, many have tried to imitate the iconic U.K. pioneers, so we invited bassist and vocalist Jeff Walker to round up his 10 Favorite Bands Inspired By Carcass.

This year, the legendary group was set to release a new album, their first since leveling the world with their 2013 comeback record, Surgical Steel, but the coronavirus pandemic dashed their plans and the same can be said for countless other bands.

As a consolation, however, Carcass have rewarded fans for their undying patience and unleaded the four-track Despicable EP, which is out now on Nuclear Blast. And if those four songs just can't scratch that ever-festering itch, well, maybe these 10 other bands can help alleviate your insatiable appetite for gnash 'n' grind death metal.

Paging Dr. Walker... Dr. Walker to the operating theatre...

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  • General Surgery

    Again, I heard these on this [tribute] album, but I’d seen the name around. They were one of the first "clone bands." I don’t think Joacim [Carlsson, guitar] would deny it — probably wears that "badge" with pride!

  • Exhumed

    First heard this band in a bar — my friend working there was forcing me to listen to Requiems Of Revulsion (a Carcass "tribute" album). Matt Harvey can argue until he goes blue in the face that they’ve never been influenced by the CARC — ha, ha. Joking aside there’s no denying Exhumed are definitely doing their own thing nowadays. My mate is constantly telling me how much better they are than us!

  • Impaled

    If I mention Exhumed then I have to mention these guys or else Ross [Sewage] or Leon [del Muerte] will sulk! Again I heard these on the Requiems album….

  • Xysma

    We were first played their first album by Dig [Digby Pearson, Earache Records] when we were recording Symphonies of Sickness in Driffield. We were “amused” (and flattered!) to say the least. These guys were the first to do a total "copycat" band — total Reek of Putrefaction worship and it sounded great [like] a better version of our first album. They of course found their feet and went off on a more psychedelic influence on their next release.

  • Cattle Decapitaion

    Another "victim" from that tribute album - I played some shows with Travis [Ryan, vocals] about 15 years ago and, to be honest, I didn’t really get any comparisons to the CARC. The band was basically a few members of The Locust… maybe the lyrics and imagery could have been accused of being influenced, I dunno. I’m not judging. No denying they're doing their own thing now — sounds more like Anaal Nathrakh to my untrained ear - killer stuff!

  • Cadaver

    Again I’m not out to insult anyone by saying all these bands are "copycats." Carcass didn’t invent the wheel. Nowadays when people complain that they want my band to sound like we did when we were teenagers instead of the “dad rock” that we churn out I’d say go and listen to these guy’s new album, Edder & Bile, instead and STFU! Good stuff!

  • Arch Enemy

    This one is a bit "cheeky" of me, throwing a curve ball in right? Let’s be clear I’m only referring to the first album, Black Earth….some of the material was written along with Bill Steer, who of course isn’t credited — ha ha!

  • Rotten Sound

    Again these Finns will cringe for being on that tribute album — the follies of youth, eh? Killer stuff. I remember my mate making me watch their first live DVD just for their (at the time) drummer’s drum solo, impressive stuff. Kai [Hahto] is wasted on Nightwish. Oops, did I just say that?

    [Editor's note: That video below is the most inhuman level of blasting, right?]

  • To Separate the Flesh From the Bones

    Their album Utopia Sadistica is catchy as fuck, sound like a grind band put in a melting pot with S.O.D. totally over the top lyrically and quite banal. It was formed as a Carcass homage band and they wouldn’t deny it. Okay, I’m biased cos I sang a few lines of lyrics on it….

  • Brujeria

    I first met Juan Brujo & Junioe in 1990 behind the Chuck Landis Country Club in Receda [in California] where he told me about this band he was doing — a grind band with Spanish lyrics he later sent me the first 7” "Demoniaco" and the rest is history.

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