Do you love a good action-packed flick? Thrills and chills something you NEED in a good film? Well, bad news horror fans! Those movies could be making you fat. While some people love watching scary movies during the month of October, there are those diehard horror fanatics who love a good scary movie all the time. But a new study from a university in New York states that watching a scary flick can have viewers reaching for fatty and sugary snacks. These violent and suspenseful films also give viewers more emotional responses. Many viewers feel more anxious, nervous, stressed which leads to them reaching for these bad snacks. Researchers believe that people reached for these comfort foods to do just that- comfort them during those tense scenes.

This study's findings also corroborated findings made during previous studies on violent video games. Those studies found that gamers had increased appetites when playing violent games. In the study they had participants watch either a violent film or a romantic comedy. Subjects who viewed the violent film ate two more items on average than those who viewed the romantic comedy. So next time you go to watch a film, make sure you watch what you eat so you don't gorge yourself during the film.

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