Lizard people are running the government! Hillary Clinton is a robot! There are chemicals turning the frogs gay!

Pick a conspiracy theory. They all have just about one thing in common at this point. The people who tend to believe them are losers.

“Conspiracy theories are for losers,”Joseph E. Uscinski of the University of Miami told PsyPost. “People who are on the outside, people who lost, people who lack control, tend to believe in conspiracy theories.”

And no, it's not just one side. The theories and the losers follow the flow of politics and who is in office.

“We see this play out in our national debates: when Bush was president, Democrats were the ones propagating the conspiracy theories. They put forward theories about 9/11, war for oil, Halliburton, Cheney, Blackwater, etc. When Obama came to office, those theories became socially and politically inert. The prominent conspiracy theories came from Republicans and were about Obama faking his birth certificate, killing the kids at Sandy Hook, Benghazi, etc.”


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